Credit Application


Credit is available for previous, relevant, postgraduate study. Each case is reviewed individually. In order to graduate from any of the programs, you must complete at least 50% of the course requirements with Chifley.

Credit applications can only be considered for students/applicants who obtain direct or professional entry into the program.  Students granted or applying for Independent Learner Entry to the program are not eligible for credit for previous study.


[+]How to Apply for Credit

Prospective students seeking credit must apply during enrolment periods. Applications received outside these periods will not be assessed until the next enrolment period.

Applications for credit from existing students will only be available for courses completed after the initial enrolment in the program(s).

Applications are based on documentation submitted and must include:

Applications that do not include all necessary information will not be assessed. A credit application form must accompany any credit submission.

[+]Employer Based Unit

If you have undergone significant and relevant work-based training or education in the past 3 years, we also offer the opportunity to gain credit for this via our Employer Based Unit . This is an elective unit for some of our awards and considered in the same category as a credit.

Please note:  You cannot be granted credit for the Employer Based Unit for education or training completed any earlier than 3 years prior to entry in the program.

To apply, students must complete the Employer Based Unit Application Form and submit all the information as outlined on the form.