Chifley Business School at Torrens University Australia ushers in a new era for practical and relevant postgraduate business studies in Australia. Combining the industry recognition of Chifley and Torrens’ flexible and modern approach to higher learning, this partnership will give graduates a clear advantage in their professional development.

The school was originally an education program pioneered by the Association of Professional Engineers, Scientists and Managers, Australia (APESMA) due to a shortage of relevant postgraduate qualifications aimed at engineers.

For over two decades, Chifley has provided business and management education across Australia and internationally from a comprehensive range of Master of Business Administration and related postgraduate courses, through to diploma and certificate courses, short courses, corporate training and consulting. We deliver flexibly to meet client and career needs with online and flexible disciplines, through to face-to-face learning tailored for specific corporate needs.

Chifley takes its name and aims from Australia's 16th Prime Minister, Joseph Benedict Chifley (1885–1951), a lifelong hard worker who rose from engine driver to the highest office in the land through his own strength of conviction and leadership ability.

Chifley strives for the values embodied and personified by Ben Chifley, encapsulated in his famous address, 'The Light on the Hill', when he declared:

'We have a great objective – the light on the hill – which we aim to reach by working for the betterment of mankind not only here, but anywhere we may give a helping hand.'

Chifley furthers the business qualifications and capabilities of a global network of students and clients working from West Africa to the Middle East, from Northern Europe to South Asia, and everywhere in between, in every conceivable industry.

If you're located in the United Arab Emirates and wish to study a Chifley Business School MBA, you should contact Al Tareeqah Management Studies and if you're located in Papua New Guinea you can study the Chifley Business School MBA through the Institute of Business and Banking Management .

Chifley Business School at Torrens University Australia is a part of Laureate International Universities .

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